In these last few days before Christmas when we are busy with last minute present buying and food ordering, I like to take a break and thank God for his many blessings. With all the shopping and pressure it’s easy to forget what the season is about, a celebration of God sending his son Jesus, as a human baby, to show us how to live; so I like to say ‘Thank you’. 

There’s so much stuff you can get now.  When I was a child I remember having an orange and a packet of crayons in my stocking, and not much else.  It may not have been every year, but they’re the only presents I recall. I think children in this country would be most upset if that’s all they received. Millions of pounds are spent at this time, trying to satisfy what children wants. Every time you turn on the television you’re bombarded with adverts for this toy or that game, and parents are hard-pressed to resist the appeal. They don’t want to let down their little ones, who will tell them that all their friends have such and such a toy, so they must have one.  

I think life was so much easier when I was a child. We didn’t expect as much, so we weren’t disappointed.  As the big day draws near, my prayer is that you have a happy and satisfying Christmas.