Hello, it's me, Jamie. Fank goodness I've remembered who I am, but I wish me ma was 'ere. Please could yer find 'er fer me. Fanks .

If you don't know what happens to me...but I'm sure you've already read my story.  If you haven't you'd better not read any more 'til you have.

Now you can find more about me in A Dilemma for Jamie. My little sister goes missing. Will they find her? And I might have to go away to boardring school. I don't really want to, and  my mama doesn't want me to, either. It's only Papa who says I must.

Have you read School for Jamie yet? You won't believe the things that happen to me 

Well, it's June 2014 andmy fourth book has been sent to Bluewood. I have some fun in this one. I even consider joining a circus. I bet you're waiting with bated breath to see if I do.