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January 8, 2018

New email address

July 18, 2014
Oh, my goodness, what a palaver, changing my email address, due to my old one being hacked so frequently! 
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New book

October 26, 2013
My third book called School for Jamie will be published 20th November. It's about...yes, you've guessed it...when Jamie goes to boarding school. Does he settle in? Read it and see. 
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Bad news about my car

April 4, 2013
Oh, heck, my car went for an oil change and needs a new head gasket. More expense! I had better sell some more books fast!
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October 30, 2012
yay, I have signed up to NaNoWriMo. That means writing 50.000 words in a month. Wish me luck
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New role

September 27, 2012
Today I have been invited to join the editing team at Bluewood Publishing. What an honour. I hope I can live up to their expectations
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Third Book in the Jamie series

February 11, 2012
Wow, I'm three quarters of the way into the third book. It's so exciting. Dare I show you a snippet? Oh, go on, then.
 'He awoke as a blackbird was singing outside his window. That was a good sign. Its melodic voice was his favourite of all birdsongs. Pushing back the covers, he jumped out of bed and began to dress in his new clothes ready for church. He hesitated. Maybe he ought to put on his old jacket though, because he wanted to go out and say goodbye to all the animals and birds before th...
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thought for the day

February 2, 2012
I write and record 'Thought for the Day' for Radio Nottingham. Check out the pages to read some of them. I shall show you an extra one each week
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Sequel to Looking for Jamie

January 31, 2012
I'm eagerly awaiting the return of 'A Dilemma for Jamie' from the publishers with the first set of edits. Should be here, hopefully, in the next few weeks. Hope there aren't as many as in 'Looking for Jamie'. I feel my writing has improved so fingers crossed...
Would you like to see a paragraph from it? Okay.
'Toddling over to the window, dressed in a red frock with a white lacy petticoat underneath, sixteen-month old Alice climbed onto the seat next to her brother and put her podgy hand into h...
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