Sequel to Looking for Jamie

Posted by Angela Margaret Rigley on Tuesday, January 31, 2012 Under: blog
I'm eagerly awaiting the return of 'A Dilemma for Jamie' from the publishers with the first set of edits. Should be here, hopefully, in the next few weeks. Hope there aren't as many as in 'Looking for Jamie'. I feel my writing has improved so fingers crossed...
Would you like to see a paragraph from it? Okay.
'Toddling over to the window, dressed in a red frock with a white lacy petticoat underneath, sixteen-month old Alice climbed onto the seat next to her brother and put her podgy hand into his.

Jamie pointed outside. “Look, Alice, snow. In’t it great?”

Alice nodded, cuddling up to him, her thumb in her mouth as usual, her golden ringlets contrasting with his dark hair. Beneath her little bonnet, her bright eyes - the image of her father’s - and as blue as sapphires in her round face, beamed with love each time she looked at her big brother.' 

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