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A Brit With a Flare for Romance

By Barbara Ann Derksen on October 7, 2012

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Near death, Jamie Raven has lost his way and his memory after his mother leaves him in a barn to find food. Destitute, he stumbles upon the property belonging to an English aristocrat who is dealing with depression and loneliness after the accidental death of his wife and son. Tom, the gameskeeper, Nellie and Freda, the cook and housekeeper, and Ruby the chambermaid add color and character to this English manor house called The Grange. Where is the mother of this little boy? How did he happen to be wondering all alone, almost near the point of starvation and exposure?

Angela Rigley does a great job of building believable characters who hold the interest of readers. They remain true to their character throughout the story. I was drawn into the story almost immediately and had no trouble picking it up again after a short break. I fell in love with Jamie as did the 'Master' who discovers Cupid in the package of this small boy. A highly recommended read for any, whether a Brit or not.

 Jamie is a delightful character, whom you've made the reader love and care for from the very first paragraph! Historicals are my favourite, and think you really have something special here with your flawless writing and your colourful descriptions! You obviously have researched the time period well and have spent considerable time on this. This would definitely be the type of book I would buy in the stores and have a great interest in. 

This book is remarkably well-edited and I gave you very high stars for this!

this is a charming tale and it is written very well. The characters are believable and jumped out of the page, the dialogue is spot on and I feel like I was there listening to everything as it happened. It puts me in mind of an old film, The Amazing Mr Blunden, thank you. I like the idea of the story in the pitch and I think it could be very popular, tv programs like Downton Abbey are raising interest in the Victorian era again. Well Done. 

Kindest Regards and Best Wishes
Lenny Banks -

This is Angela’s first book and is a gentle, exciting historical, mystery romance which is very well written and easy to read.

The lead character, Jamie is a young boy who finds himself alone, injured and with no memory except that his name is Jamie.  We follow his fight for survival and a new home when he is taken in by the household of The Grange. Then we meet his mother, Tillie whose search for him, when she is released from prison where she had been sent for stealing a loaf of bread, takes us across the English countryside and introduces us to some of the layers of the English society. 

The details of Victorian life are accurate and create a believable background for this exciting and romantic story. The main characters are well drawn amid the many believable supporting characters like Ruby, and the hero’s sister Annie who thinks that everyone should know their place and stay there.

The book is a good read and it is often hard not to read just a bit more to see what happens next. I am looking forward to the sequel.


Dianne Rasmussen (retired History teacher)

A Review by Patricia Laster

What a beautiful story! You had me with your beginning paragraph - I felt so sorry for the little boy! Wonderful imagery of a starving, lost child - enough to tear one's heart out. You have tremendous talent at writing imagery and developing characters. I loved all your characters in the Brightmoor Estate including Tom Briggs, gamekeeper; Nellie, housekeeper; Freda, cook; ruby, parlour maid; Sam, groom; and David and Jamie! They all make a lovely family once David takes in Jamie.

You write such beautiful characters that your reader immediately feels she/he knows them and mourns not only for poor little Jaime but also for David who lost his beloved Elizabeth and son, Frederick, in a carriage accident. And you delight the reader by bringing David and Jamie together playing in the snow and then when David finally lets his emotions go while, once again, playing the piano, the reader knows that he is starting to heal. Nellie is also a wonderful mother-figure for Jamie.

What a despicable person David's sister, Annie, is: hypochondriac, critical, and she humiliates poor Jamie! You have drawn her in very vivid tones especially when she sides with her spoiled little liar of a son, George. One almost wonders how Annie could have raised a child as sweet and caring as Sarah. But thank goodness Sarah was there to see the truth of how Jaime tried to save George, not hurt him as George reported.

This is a marvellous book.

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Looking for Jamie

By Kara on June 15, 2014

Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

Angela Rigley is a wonderful writer with a gift of storytelling. I thought this story was written well. Jamie was a character who I right away had compassion for and wanted to see how his life would turn out. I felt affected by the story in a deep and moving way. I hope to read more of Angela's books in the future. This is a worthwhile story and I hope others take the time to check it out.

Kara Mckenzie