Hi. I'm Angela Rigley, retired and live in Derbyshire, England.  married to Don for 46 years, 5 children: Darran, Jane, Catherine, Louise and Richard, and 8 grandchildren: Amy, Brandon, Ryan, Danny, Jessica, Charlotte, Ethan and our latest addition, Violet Alice


I am an active member of Our Lady of Good Counsel RC Church, Eastwood, and sing in the choir, and help at funerals, I belong to a Scrabble club, enjoy gardening, flower arranging, reading and writing and am a member of Eastwood Writers Group. My first novel 'Looking For Jamie' was published by Bluewood Publishing in 2010, the sequel, 'A Dilemma for Jamie'  in February 2013. and the third book in the series, School for Jamie in November 2013. I have finished the fourth and sent it off to my publishers in July 2014. I have also written another novel Lea Croft for which I await the edits from Bluewood, as well as a YA novel Nancie, and a historical romance, Florence and the Highwayman.

I have had the great honour to join the editing team at Bluewood Publishing, and have edited eight manuscripts. I hope the authors concerned value my opinions. 

If you would like a signed copy of any of my books email me with 'Jamie' as the subject. See my email address below.

 http://amzn.to/155gLvk. or http://bit.ly/168TslC directly from the publishers

 http://bit.ly/XqCQmc or : http://amzn.to/YYlDhZ. or http://bit.ly/XqCQmc

The third book in the series, published November 2013. : http://amzn.to/1g90L0H. or http://amzn.to/Iayqew

Click here to see a delighful trailer video of my book: http://animoto.com/play/Q7BbHZIU2sDD6UL2ak3Z6Q


Nancie Knight’s world falls apart when her father dies and she is forced to go into service as a scullery maid. Never in her wildest dreams would she have envisaged such hard work, slaving from dawn to dusk. The housekeeper of The Manor, Miss Higginbottom, does not allow her any slack and the cook, Mrs Bell can never remember her name. Promises that she will soon be reunited with her mother and baby brother amount to nothing. On her first afternoon off, she falls and hurts herself, and then is stricken with an allergic reaction from burdock. She is accused of stealing candlesticks, and when she hears strange noises coming from one of the attic rooms, she goes to investigate. Disobeying an order not to pursue the matter, she is sacked and forced to leave. A man takes her in, offering her a job, but she runs away after he beats her up. She is then befriended by a shepherd’s wife and goes to live with her and her family. Eventually, three years later, she returns to work at The Manor to find the girl with two heads, whom she had found in the attic, still there. Her mother turns up but tells her she is going to America and cannot take Nancie with her. The mistress of the house finds a solution: Nancie is to go travelling with one of the mistress’s friends as her companion.

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