Reaching forward, he tried to undo the knots in the string, but they were tied so tightly it proved impossible.

Almost at his wit’s end, he thumped the arm of the chair, throwing up a cloud of dust that almost choked him. Jasper must have picked up some of his agitation as he came across. “If only you could help,” David sighed as he stroked the black head.

“Help?” the Major sat bolt upright. “You need help? 

David tried to move his leg. It hurt like hell. Putting his hand up to his throbbing head, he felt a sticky patch on his temple.

A horse whinnied close by. No other sound could be heard as he tried to remember what had happened. 

Then it all came back to him. 

Shivering and brushing the snow off his coat, he tried to stand, but his leg wouldn’t take the weight. The horse snorted again, so he shuffled towards her on his hands and knees until he felt her frightened breath on his face.

There had only been a few flurries of snow in Harrogate, so he had thought he would be able to get home before the bad weather set in. He remembered getting worried as the snow began to fall heavier, then the last thing was the brougham overturning.

From Chapter 3:

Tillie went across to join him, putting her arm around his shoulder as she looked out at the white landscape. The nursery window faced the drive, so they would have a clear view of anyone coming, but there was no sign of movement and it was already beginning to get dark. Where on earth were they? 

She turned back into the room, on edge and snapping at the children for the slightest reason, which was very unlike her. She usually had the patience of Job. Jamie remained on sentry duty at the window, twiddling with the tassel on the curtain tie and humming quietly to himself.

Unable to bear the tension any longer—she still hadn’t told him about Sarah and George—Tillie jumped up and made for the door.

“Look after the girls for a minute, Jamie. I’ll go and fetch Auntie Ruby.”

Annabella immediately began to wail. Taking a deep breath, Tillie picked her up, rather more roughly than she’d intended, saying to Alice, “You be a good girl and stay with your brother.” The child toddled over to Jamie. He helped her up onto the window­seat next to him, putting his arm protectively around her.

“Papa’ll be home soon, won’t he, Alice?” Tillie heard him crooning to her as she went out.

Thank goodness she was not as needy and clingy as her twin.